A Strong Connection to Fremantle

Christened Caroline but known as Ra since she was three years old, Ra Stewart is a long term Fremantle resident who first fell in love with the port city in her teens, and has spent over thirty years working, living and raising children here. An accomplished marketing and communications professional with a strong civic service ethic, Ra has engaged with the people and institutions of her community at every level, from sitting on the WA Ballet Fundraising Committee in her twenties, to working with the White Gum Valley Primary P&C, planting trees locally, and organising art exhibitions for her daughters’ school’s Old Collegians Committee.

Ra’s connection with Fremantle stems from two years spent working as a waitress at Alfonso’s during the America’s Cup period, and has encompassed everything from working with prominent Fremantle businesses in her capacity as marketing professional, to sitting on the ‘Future Freo Steering Committee’ in 2015. She has been a member of the board of Fremantle Chamber of Commerce since 2008, and served as President of the Chamber for four years.

A Powerful Business Background

Professionally, Ra has worked in the disciplines of media, marketing, advertising and communications for over thirty years, gaining significant understanding of market forces and consumer behaviour.

Holding a UWA degree in Arts with a Post Graduate degree in Business from Curtin University, and as a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) as well as Australian Institute of Management Leadership and Governance courses, Ra possesses considerable qualifications in governance and decision-making. These have been augmented by her practical experience in sitting on the board of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and her presidency of that organisation, and her current position on the board of the Small Business Development Corporation.

Ra’s industry experience encompasses decades in the advertising and marketing industry, working with clients in almost every possible commercial, retail, resource and industrial setting, as well as direct experience in areas as diverse as the construction industry and remote and regional medical services.

A Personal Motivation

Coming from a family that places great importance on service above self, and with a highly developed sense of ethics and personal values, Ra is driven to invest her own time and effort on behalf of her community. This commitment to service is evident in the different community-based organisations and groups she has been a part of over many years, from local and school-based activities to her business community and cultural accomplishments.

Campaign Objectives

Ra’s vision is to return the City of Fremantle to its role as an apolitical organisation dedicated to the development of the city, promoting responsible financial management and bringing energy, positivity and enthusiasm back to the Council. She sees her candidacy as an opportunity to provide a voice for the entire community, and to celebrate Fremantle’s true diversity – that which encompasses every group and individual rather than a few selected sectors.

As Mayor of Fremantle Ra will undertake the role of custodian of the City’s assets and amenity rather than seeing the position as a vehicle for furthering her own personal agendas. Her intention is to represent everyone who lives, works, studies or does business in Fremantle, and she will do this by listening to every voice, not just the loudest.

Ra’s priorities on assuming office will be to determine the true state of the City’s finances, assets and liabilities, to formulate a plan to make the Council a viable financial entity, and to implement policies that adhere to the principles of the triple bottom line – social, environmental and financial sustainable policies that benefit the entire community.