Why I am running for Mayor

 I'm just a Freo girl at heart.

I'm just a Freo girl at heart.

My love affair with Freo began a long time ago. I love the energy, the gorgeous buildings, the friendly people, the leafy streets and generous parks in every suburb of our city. We have a wonderful mix of cultural backgrounds that bring colour, diversity and different flavours to our beautiful home.

As every Freo resident, business owner, worker and visitor knows, the port city should be the jewel in Western Australia's crown. Indeed, when I first started working in Freo as a teenager during the dazzling days of the America's Cup, it was probably Australia's most celebrated non-capital city. But rather than grow from strength to strength as it should, Fremantle seems to have been struggling a bit in the last few years. And I can't sit by and watch that happen to my home.

So I've taken the bold step of putting up my hand for Mayor of this great City. I want to bring back Freo for All – to make it a place where everyone feels that they have a share in its growth and development, to restore good governance and financial management, and to make our streets safer, clean, lively and full of Freo good humour.

I know we can do it, as long as we work at it together and we listen to each other. Please add your voice – share your issues and concerns with me on my Your Voice page, and we'll get started on creating a Freo for All.